Football Rule of the Week

For those of you that are looking to add to your football knowledge, never fear! I will be going over various football rules and terms weekly. If you have any suggestions on what you want to learn about feel free to comment below at any time.

The first situation I’m going to talk about is kickoff. A lot of casual fans don’t realize that on a kick-off:

  • The ball is live after 10 yards, as in if you are on kick return and don’t secure the ball after it travels 10 yards that it’s a free ball.
  • This is why the strategy of an onside Kick comes into play. It’s a quick way to try to get the ball back when you behind multiple scores or just want to take the other team by surprise.
  • If however, a team tries to onside kick and the ball ends up not going 10 yards, it’s a penalty and the kicking team keeps the ball

Stay tuned for more rules!


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