Uberization of Society and Leadership

uber-carI read an article on LinkedIn this morning that I found intriguing. Yes, I’m on LinkedIn for my day job as a recruiter at a staffing company. You can connect with me here:


The article talks about the Uberization of our society. Uber is that ridesharing taxi service that connects drivers directly to riders and relies on feedback from both on each other to police quality of service. Uber has come across a lot of backlash from established taxi services in major cities as have other companies such as Lyft.

What I believe to be more important is the idea of peer-to-peer services that have blown up the business world. Established industries and corporations should be worried. There seems to be a shift in the idea of business that is finally catching up with the shift in technology. Technology has changed the way we live our lives and communicate with each other. In a world where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pintrest, and more rule our everyday lives and how we get information, it only makes sense how business would change to service us in that.

In the article, they talk about the rise of peer-to-peer financial services to such as lending and investing. It seems that the idea of trust is no longer fluff said by CEOs at board meetings and press releases but an actual business tactic. Because we are now feeling closer together through technology and social media, business models are now seeking to take advantage of that. Think of how successful crowdsourcing is. People want to feel like they are contributing and helping each other. The businesses that are able to capitalize on this will be a head of the curve.

This got me thinking on the concept of leadership. There are 15 thousand ways to lead. We have seen this in history with various government systems. There is also this divide between the idea of leading with an iron fist or fear and leading by example and love. Personally, I function best in the leadership by love camp. I’m not a Ray Lewis, in your face screamer and never was. I’m too genuine and whenever I tried to force myself into that role I found people didn’t believe me because it wasn’t me. Granted every team needs a Ray Lewis and it’s completely fine to be that person.

What I do well is this very idea that Uber is based on. The concept of empowerment. If you give guidance and direction to people but empower them to feel like they are valued, important, and in a way a leader in their own right, a funny thing happens. They take ownership of their responsibilities. They know that everyone around them does too and then you create a culture of trust. I’m going to do my job and she is too. Then that naturally builds cohesion and you become a unit of 11 rather than a leader of 1 and 10 followers who imitate the leader and bicker at each other.

Uber, and businesses like it, have the same concept. There is a level of trust built between driver and passenger because they both feel empowered.

Again, there are many ways to lead. I just realized this morning that I’m an Uber leader.

Here is the article:



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