Week 4: 4 Miles on Crutches

This week I have seen even more gradual improvement in my leg. Since I last updated, I saw gradual improvement in my leg’s ability to get through the work day. I think my daily crutching around the building has helped me not get as stiff and helped build back my endurance. By Friday, I felt like I finally was back in the swing of working which was psychologically helpful.

As stated in my last blog, I spent Saturday crutching about 4 miles up and down the sidelines at the game .By the 3rd quarter my arms and good leg were absolutely dead. I felt like I had played a game even though I hadn’t. My bad leg held up fairly well actually compared to my overused good one.

I expected to be exhausted on Sunday from the exertion but actually I wasn’t too bad.

On Monday I finally got my cyrocuff I had ordered and immediately started using it. I’ve been using it 2 times a day since then. Once during lunch and once when I get home in the evenings. I can tell that it’s helping. I probably sound like I work for them, but it really is pretty convenient.


I also got the 1st shipment of supplements I ordered. Part of my order is on back order so waiting for the remaining supplements but I did receive protein, BCAAs, a pill dispenser, and more shaker bottles. You can always use more shaker bottles. After a while they get kind of funky due to the plastic they use. Best to replace them every so often.

Tuesday I set up the pill dispenser into 3 sections, morning, lunch, and evening. It’s nice because I pre-load everything and then just carry one bottle instead of several. Hopefully the rest of my order comes in soon so I can add to it.

I do feel like the addition of BCAAs is helping. I always liked them but it’s been a few months since I’ve used them and they have been a nice boost of energy and strength that I’ve been missing since my surgery. It is amazing how much a surgery zaps your energy and endurance.

Last week I had taken out the ace bandage so I could look at the incisions. The butterfly bandages were going strong but I decided to keep the gauze on a few more days to protect them. On Tuesday evening, I took the gauze off and studied the incisions again. They looked more solid. I decided it was time to keep the gauze off. I figure as soon as I can it’s best to have less bulk around my knee so I can work on range of motion.

I have also taken up a small upper body workout plan that I do in my bed a few times a week. I’m talking small, with hand weights and a medicine ball and stretching of my good leg. I feel like this is helping my spirit and confidence. As an athlete, being too stagnant for long feels awful. I need to move.

Yesterday, I went to practice and had a good time being around my team. I have decided to go to practice every Wednesday and the games on Saturdays. Crutching around the field does take a lot of me so I figure 2 times a week should be enough for now.

Today, I’m feeling pretty good. I can feel it getting stronger. The range of motion is coming slowly slowly back. I’m able to lean crutches against things and stand with most of my body weight on my good leg without feeling like I’m going to fall. It also feels slightly less stiff.

I just got my order of moxiebustion sticks. I’m going to use them 2 times a week. I also got a few of the pad versions and I’ll wear them during game days to get some extra relief.

We are now at a full 4 weeks. My ortho told me when I got out of surgery that basically it’s like my knee is a baby. I guess I’m going to be one of those annoying parents that says their kid is 78 months old. No lady, your kid is 6 and a half years old. Even drop the half. Your kid is 6 years old. Man, I’m going to be that lady with my knee. I guess I can always make a slide show of my pictures to show strangers at the grocery store.

Here is my section of Gridiron Beauties for the week:



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