On the Rebound: Seattle Majestics 22 – Tacoma Trauma 2 (3-1)

After the disappointing result of last week’s drubbing at the hands of the Shockwave, our team had a decision to make. We could either fold or figure it out. Going into this game, our team did a lot of searching as team and as individuals, determined to find a way to get back on track.


This game started with the weather deciding to remember that we live in the northwest and rain was a constant issue. The first couple of series we traded fumbles as the ball was wet. Tacoma eventually was able to drive to our goal line for a 1st and goal.

Now, having played defense for a long time, I can tell you that when your back is against the wall you have to get even more aggressive. By the nature of the fact that the offense knows where the play is going, you can’t afford to hesitate because all they need to do is find space and fall forward. You have to attack them off the ball and meet them in the backfield and create piles to prevent them from getting any momentum forward.

This aggressive stance is all about heart and effort. The odds are against you at that point and you have to prove you want it more than the person across from you.

We held them out of the end zone on 4 consecutive plays. This might be the series that turns around our season. The energy that this stand brought back to the sidelines was electric. It was an energy that we hadn’t had the entire season, or at least not at this level.

Everyone was fired up and it filtered onto the offense. Vanessa Caskey has taken over at quarterback and really played well. She commanded the offense and it seemed our offensive players got their confidence back. Kiki Williams and Ashley Johnson ran very well. Julia McComas, Christina Bell-Robinson, and McKenzie Tolliver made huge catches and scores at receiver. The offensive line began to gel better.

Midway through the 3rd quarter, Tacoma got another drive deep into our territory. 1st and goal from I believe about the 3 yard line. Again we held them out 4 plays in a row. Again the energy on the sideline erupted.

It was at this point, the offense gave up a safety but that would be the only score for Tacoma all day and it wasn’t on the defense.

The defense played fairly well and Kase Tukutau made her presence known as she returned from her earlier injury that kept her out of the last couple of games.

This game was not perfect but we definitely re-found ourselves. As stated earlier, with all the injuries in a short span, I think we struggled with our overall identity without those players. Now, we seemed to have found that identity a bit. It will be up to us of we are able to build upon that momentum and continue to improve.

I am so proud that my team responded.

Tomorrow we face the new team of the Southern Oregon Lady Renegades. They have been competing well for a new team and seem to be pretty physical. It will be a fun game to watch.


Watch Sideline Footage from my crutches of the game:



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