Behind the Facemask: Jermaine Wright, When Sacrifice Leads to Opportunity

Jermaine Wright and I met through Facebook due to the fact we were in same of the same football related groups. He reached out to me to have me review his Facebook page where he was trying to chase his dream of making it to the NFL. We hit it off as we have a lot in common. We are both relentless dream chasers and understand the value of hard work.

Jermaine grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. He started playing football when he was 5 years old. He would play with the older kids and noticed that he seemed to have a lot of speed and was able to catch well. Every day after school he would “run home almost everyday from the kids I beat in football. It was the drive I needed to be faster.” This comment reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite movies, The Express, where Ernie Davis would run away from bullies on the train tracks and found he could run.

Jermaine plays both fullback and middle linebacker. His favorite NFL team is the Carolina Panthers and one of his favorite players is Ray Lewis because of how he played and how motivational he is.


He also likes Joe Flacco because of his genuine personality and he received encouragement from him when he met him. Flacco went to the University of Delaware and is no stranger to being an underdog himself as he was drafted from a small school. He has enjoyed being the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens and lead them to a Superbowl title.

Jermaine has faced adversity early as he was unable to play football in high school due to his mother’s health and needing to take care of her. She was diagnosed with HIV which was hard on the entire family. He fed off the encouragement from the coach that he could get far if got an opportunity.


His biggest dream is find that opportunity and “sit among the greats in the NFL.” Jermaine recently was given a contract to play for the Arena Football League,
Louisiana Cottonmouths but they have discontinued until another season. He will not let that stop him.

Jermaine is driven by his family. He wants his children to live a better life and to be able to follow their dreams. He wants to be able to look back at his motherfb_img_1469308947339 and make her proud.

Football has taught Jermaine determination and to always bring his A game. His proudest moment was when his agent reached out to him because he saw his fire. He has also proven that fire due to the fact he never gave up, no matter what others thought. He wants to lead by example and to let others know to, “never stop believing and always keep God 1st because he directs your path.”

You can follow Jermaine online at:

Facebook: Jermaine Wright

Instagram: The_Hall_of_Famer

Snapchat: Proballa32

LinkedIN: Jermaine Wright


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