Behind the Facemask: Tez the Great, Leading by Faith

Martez “Tez the Great” Turner started playing football with his neighborhood friends in St. Louis, Missouri. They played tackle without pads or helmets which quickly got rid of any fear of contact he might have had. When he got to high school he was asked to join the team as a freshman.

Tez has played for 13 years and plays running back with a powerhouse style.

His favorite NFL team is the Chicago Bears and his current favorite player is Matt Forte probably because Tez also likes to play with some edge.

Tez has overcome many obstacles in football including injuries, being overlooked, and timing. He has relied mainly on his faith to get him through, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” He believes that everyone possess internal strength and it’s up to us to center ourselves in faith.

Tez likes to prepare for games by listening to Les Brown and T.D. Jakes. He likes to have an early breakfast and then a lunch or snack an hour before the game. His playlist includes inspirational words and instrumentals.

Football has taught Tez that you can make someone’s day or ruin it. He believes in the philosophy of being the hammer and not the nail. Football has developed in him a desire to take more risks.

Tez’s proudest moment was when his daughter was born which propelled him to run for 36 touchdowns for the Sangamon County Seminoles. This won him the league MVP. He also received a boost from when his daughter gave him a huge hug before his tryout for the Tri-Town Titans.


Tez considers himself an open book and enjoys people. This is why when he was playing in college he ended up playing against someone he knew from high school and they started laughing when they recognized each other. Tez enjoys the relationships he has developed through football. What you might not know about him however, is that he has had a long love affair with jelly and would put it on everything he could!

Tez wants everyone to believe in themselves like he believes in you. Faith is at the center of Tez’s being and faith shall lead him through.


You can follow Tez here:

Instagram tezthagreat48 

Facebook Tez Thagreat Turner 



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