#ComeBack2017 Series

Week 0  A New Mountain: Knee Surgery

Week 1  On the Other Side: Adventures in Knee Surgery

Week 2  44 Stitches Later: 1st Post Op Appointment

Week 3  Back to Work

Week 4 4 Miles on Crutches

Week 5 Pursuit of Positive

Week 6 Keep Moving

Week 7 What is 25 Percent?

Week 8 We Have Quad Lift Off

Week 9 Strength In Vulnerability 

Week 18 Dodgeball and Fuel

Week 26 Risks and Heavenly Rewards

Week 28 Jogging an Inch at a Time

Week 32  Pandora’s Box and Tryouts


 Week 36 Light at the End of the Tunnel


Week 40 Week 40: Re-Finding Captain America

Orlando Part 1: Football Christmas in Orlando: Part 1, Team USA Tryouts


Orlando Part 2: Football Christmas in Orlando: Part 2, Break and Women’s World Football Games Camp

Orlando Part 3: Football Christmas in Orlando: Part 3, the Game, the Pro Bowl, and the Aftermath


2017 Recap: 2017 Recap: A Journey of a Thousand Steps Is Never Over


2017 All-American Game: 2017 All-American Game: Iron Sharpens Iron in the Land of Steel