Line of Scrimmage

It’s 2015 and everyone and their mother is a blogger. Some make blogs about their collections of beanie babies and others about the best slice of pizza in town. I’ve decided to put together my 9 years of women’s football and life experience and create a window into this world. We are talking about women in shoulder pads and no not from the 1980s in power suits. This is legit 11 man, shoulder pads and helmets, full tackle, knock you on your ass football.

This sport is literally a microcosm. For what we have yet to truly understand. The women that play this sport come from all areas of the country, all ages, all backgrounds. It’s nearly a year round endeavor. Thousands of hours of effort for no pay. In fact, most have to pay hundreds each year for the right to play. The bond that is developed on a team is akin to a second family and the bond between players from around the country and now the world, has become an unspoken fraternity that very few have had the chance to glimpse. This experience is a sociology experiment laced with grit.

But as Rocky once said, “nothing hits harder than life”. I also wish to make this blog and outlet for lessons in life I have learned and want to learn. Football has an amazing amount of parallels with the realities of life that I believe it to be a metaphor for it. That being said, we are all on the same team and should be seeking to help each other.

Essentially, this blog will be a mix of in depth exposure to our women’s football world, sports news, life lessons, funny stories, and amazing media.

I hope to develop this project to promote the sport, mental and physical well-being, and social progression. Many times we like to say we are progressive. It’s a catch all catch phrase. But the word progress implies movement. You have to move to make progress and you have to engage in action to be progressive. I’ve been running around physically for a long while and it’s time I put that progression to paper.

Please do feel free to follow me and engage. This is not a 4th wall endeavor. I seek to create a community.


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